January 2017

The Art Club of McKinney meets the 2nd Thursday of every month except June and July, and has art-related programs from 9:30am-noon. The meeting place is in the Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House). See map below.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The General Meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. at the Carriage House followed by the Program.

Program - Bonny Leibowitz

On January 12th at 10am
Bonny Leibowitz, owner of The Encaustic Center, will be presenting an encaustic wax painting demo. Some of the techniques she’ll be showing are fusing, layering, texture, working with stencils and grids, incising and collage.
To see a few examples of these techniques, please click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/theencausticcenter/albums/72157667104454593

On January 14th, 1pm to 4pm
Members are invited to register for a beginner workshop at The Encaustic Center. Participants will be learning a variety of techniques including how to build layers, fuse, texture, work with grids, stencils, embed objects, incise, transfer, collage, monotype and much more along with a working knowledge on how to melt and mix wax, a bit about the history of wax painting, a working knowledge of supplies and how to create your own workspace! All supplies included. The cost of the workshop is $50.

                                     Bonny Leibowitz      Engage       30x30       Photography, Encaustic Wax and Pigment


Bonny Leibowitz

Leibowitz’s work utilizes a variety of materials including textiles, paper and paint exploring shifts in perceptions as we navigate social, political and interpersonal realities.
Her solo exhibitions include The Museum of Art, Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, No.4 Studio in Brooklyn, NY and Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas, TX to name a few. Group exhibitions include those in Matera, Italy; Akko, Israel; Brooklyn, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, and Art Basel Satellite Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

Leibowitz has been written about in publications and media including Vassari21, Maake Magazine, Pleat, Studio Critical, Curating Contemporary, Mixed Media Tapes, Luxe Magazine, Modern Dallas, Art F City, Dallas Morning News, Art Funk and Papercity.

Bonny Leibowitz’s website:

Leibowitz owns two teaching studios;

The Encaustic Center- classes and workshops; teaching the beautiful art of painting with wax
The Bonny Studio - classes and workshops in acrylic, Oil painting and mixed media


The Encaustic Center: http://www.theencausticcenter.com
580 W.Arapaho Rd. #271
Richardson, TX. 75080
Schedule: http://theencausticcenter.com/schedule.html
Bonny Leibowitz

The Bonny Studio Classes: http://www.thebonnystudio.com
580 W.Arapaho Rd. #262
Richardson, TX. 75080



Refreshments: Gail Reeder, Judy Blakemore, Diane Boudreaux, Maria Hampton (water)

2016-2017 Yearbook: The Yearbook is free and is available at the meeting for paid members.

Artist of the Month: Lynne Weinberger will take the number assigned to each piece of artwork. Members can enter one artwork each month, and voting will be by secret ballot by those attending the meeting. You can win only once each club year, so everyone was eligible starting in September. The first place artwork will win a $25 gift certificate to Asel Art and the second place winner will receive a $15 gift certificate.The gift certificates are dated, so if you receive one, be sure to redeem it before the expiration date,

Door Prize: If you have something you want to donate as a door prize, please bring it. Members can purchase a ticket for $1 as a donation to the Art Club. You can be a lucky winner.

Also, there will be clipboards with sign-up sheets on the table when you come into the meeting room. You can sign up for workshops and other activities there.


The officers for January 12, 2017 are:

 * President: Maribeth Jagger

 * 1st Vice President (Programs): Lynda Kingsley

 * 2nd Vice President (Communications): Gail McLaughlin

 * Recording Secretary: Barbara Stalick

   Corresponding Secretary: Carol Yaeger

 * Treasurer: Patsy Johnson

 * Parliamentarian: Col. Robert Kellogg

   Historian: Angela McDonald

   Club Photographer: Gena Roberson

 * Member-at-Large: Carol Kovacs

 * Membership Officer: Sherry Joplin

 * Past President: Lynda Kingsley

      * Executive Board

About The Art Club of McKinney Website

The Art Club of McKinney website includes the following web pages:

About Us: Includes information about the monthly meetings, how to join, postal mail address, email address, list of Board of Directors, list of Committee Chairperson, and a link to a map.

Calendar: A calendar of Art Club events from June 2016-May 2017, including board meetings, general meetings, hosts and programs, art shows, and other relevant events.

Artists Gallery: Free gallery of members' art.

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Art Links: Eclectic list of organizations recommended by members. Includes all sorts of galleries, stores, workshops, art media, discount, specialty, local, online, etc. Definitely worth a look see.


About The Art Club of McKinney

The Art Club of McKinney was founded in 1914 in McKinney, Texas, It was created to encourage the appreciation of visual art in the community. Over 100 years later, the club continues to support this goal with:

  • monthly meetings for members and visitors
  • lectures on art topics
  • demonstrations and workshops of various media and techniques
  • art shows for adults and children
  • organized visits to museums and gallery exhibits
  • field trips to “paint outside the gallery”
  • directory of local artists
  • online gallery for Art Club Members

    The Art Club of McKinney meets at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX), on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through May. The business meeting starts at 9:30 am and the program starts at 10 am.

    The program generally includes a presentation/demo by a visiting artist and occasionally, after a brief lunch break, a workshop taught by the visiting artist. Light refreshments and time to socialize are available at the beginning, middle, and/or end of each meeting.

    You may join the Art Club of McKinney in person at the monthly meeting or any time by completing the membership application located in About Us.